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Frida Nilsson is a licensed Psychologist trained at the University of Lund, in Sweden. She works as a consultant through her independent business Frida Kristina AB with leadership and organisational development. Her company’s vision is Peace and Development within and between People, Groups, Organisations and Nations.


She started her career as a licenced psychologist working with the selection of personnel for the Swedish military and police force. She worked with new recruits as well as candidates for UN-peace keeping missions. 


During her training she worked with trauma treatment for victims of armed conflict and torture in Sweden. As a consultant she has worked internationally with training trainers programs; in the Middle East in a method of overcoming trauma* (Teaching Recovery Tecnique TRT*) and in Colombia providing people with the skills to start up simple businesses** (**Focus Buisness school FBS ). These are different ways to develop the people of a nation who have experienced trauma and bring hope back in a conflict-ridden area.


Frida has also published part of her research in the peer-reviewed journal American Psychology Association - Psychological trauma theory, research practice and policy. In her research she showed how the emotional stress response of helpers working with trauma was affected by their fear of and resignation towards human evil.


Among other things she works with organisations that have experienced trauma connected to the workplace. She was consulted after the first and only, fatal school-attack in Sweden (2015) and supported the leadership of that school during the years that followed. Since then she has been consulted in many crisis situations, both at other schools where there have been murders or fatal accidents or organisations that have experienced crises in leadership. 


She has worked with large organisational development programs across different departments in state hospitals. When everyone from top leaders to important personnel like cleaners and caregivers can listen to each other and understand each others perspectives both the effectiveness, the care and the work environment improves considerable. She has also worked with the leadership and personnel of one of the oldest cultural institutes in Sweden. 


She has consulted with the top leaders of state run organisations. By developing the self-awareness in the highest leader you add value to the whole organisation. 


Lately she has also to started working with children at a school where there had been a lot of negative behaviours such as verbal, physical and even sexual harassment impacting the emotional atmosphere at the whole school. Here she and her colleague has supported principals, teachers and pupils to help the children understand and verbalise their feelings so that they can better own them.


A fun fact about Frida is that she studied physics for two and a half years prior to studying psychology. 


Frida has a passion for makeing psychological theory easily available to everyone in an accessible, yet profound format and let people know how they can learn to OWN their emotions. 

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