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When I read this book I learn to value myself and my feelings more, which helps me to value others and their feelings. "Own your emotions" gives me hope that I will have deep relationships where we share joy and sadness and have healthy boundaries. To be true to yourself and others is not always easy but is a key to lasting friendships. Thank you Frida for writing this book. It helps me rest in my true identity.

Henrik : Reader OWN your emotions


I hope this book will reach out to as many people as possible on this earth and that it will help others in the same way it has helped myself. This is a book to go to and it comes in handy to read a special chapter when something effected you and you want clarity in your emotions. The Illustrations in the book are wonderful and they are a reason in themselves to return to the book and have a look from time to time.

Hanna - Reader of Own your emotions


The book gave me a totally new perspective and many new insight about our emotions. This is a very useful handbook for every manager. I truly enjoyed reading it.

Jan-Gunnar Eurell, Chief Financial Officer at Bank of Åland

ON: Swedish Leadership– Leading innovation


Having worked with Frida editorially on the book I can say, hand on heart that when I first read the 'Sadness' chapter I knew she'd written something special. Her metaphor for riding the 'waves of grief' which gradually become further and further apart was practical and potent.


Everyone will find that different chapters speak to them more. An excellent introduction to owning and working with your emotions - both difficult and joyful


Titania Krimpas, London. 


ON: OWN your emotions



My name is Peggy I have been working as a copy-editor for this book, but this was more than just a job. 

Reading the book OWN your emotions has changed my view of emotions. I have gotten to know myself better and have started to view emotions in a new way. I often refer to the imagery presented in the book.

Before I read the chapter about shame I didn't think it would apply to me, but as I read it I understood new things about myself and the way I react. Shame was definitely "My chapter". I believe that everyone who reads the book will find "Their chapter" and understand themselves and the world around them better. 


Peggy Sands, Copy-editor

ON: OWN your emotions


Hi Frida!

Your fine book has been helpful in many ways. First and foremost it gives me a language for emotions and help to explore my own emotional palette. The light tone of yours and the many examples makes it easy. The illustrations are fantastic and really adds value to your text.


In the book it really feels like you are talking directly to me as a reader and you give several personal examples as well.


I especially like the part when you talk about the girls with low impulse-control. The book has helped me to better understand how the basic emotions are connected. This enables me to use my own emotions in a more balanced way (I hope) and when I need to re-establish the balance of my own palette you give me many useful tips. Many Thanks!

Thomas Larsson CEO IDI-profiling & Management consultant

ON: OWN your emotions

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